AWESOME Delirium Reviews!!!

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Hey guys!

Here are some TOTALLY AWESOME Delirium reviews!!! They're really cool and you should go check 'em out!

From Squeaky Books:

"I LOVED all the little things in this book...I sat down to read it I couldn't move!"

From Katie's Suspiciously Apt Reviews:

"Other books are so powerful that you can't say a word. It's very pages have sunk deep into your heart and mind and will continue to sit there until it is etched into your soul. It whispers to you. There aren't any words good enough to describe what you have just experienced...DELIRIUM by Lauren Oliver happens to be one of the most powerful books I have ever read."

From Anna Reads:

"BUT HOLY COW YOU HAVE GOT TO GO PREORDER THIS BOOK STAT. REALLY, NOW...By the end of this book, I was left feeling emotionally raw. I cannot stop thinking about these characters!"

From Lale on Lit:

"In short: a beautiful meshing of dystopian and romance with an edge of
science fiction thrown in for good measure-- and one of the best YA novels I’ve
read this year."

From I Just Wanna Sit Here and Read (Goodreads):

"...This book is a must-read for dystopian YA fans. It was gritty,
thoughtful, and engaging. And it begs the question is it better to feel love and
lose it than to never have loved at all?"

From Princess Bookie (Goodreads):

"Be prepared to cry and have the tissues handy...Delirium is a epic love
story full of emotion and how one choice (to be in love or not to be) could
effect the rest of your life."

From Presenting Lenore:

"And DAMN, if I may say so, Lena’s scenes with Alex sizzle, making the novel
soar to dizzying heights of emotion."

From Jess Hearts Books:

"Delirium has one of the most intense, heart wrenching endings I have ever
read. I wouldn’t have put it down if you paid me."

From Reading Teen:

"The romance is heavy, the action scenes are intense, the storyline is
in-depth, the concept, which is so unbelievable, is made believable by her
amazing writing."

From A Reader's Ramblings:

"I'd be remiss if I didn't mention Oliver's writing style. She is a
phenomanal writer, and doesn't dumb it down for the audience. Her books
challenge her readers to really think about what they are reading and what it
means, and that is refreshing."


  1. Ella Press said...

    Love them! They're totally awesome! :D

  2. Katelyn Burton said...

    Thank you for posting part of my review! And it's not surprising seeing how many others enjoyed DELIRIUM as much as I did :D

  3. Michelle said...

    I have a review posted on my blog as well! Please check it out:

  4. Lale said...

    Woo! Just noticed this, thanks for featuring me! Delirium has definitely been one of my favorite ARCs so far! :)

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