Delirium-Inspired Art and A Writing Challenge From Lauren!

8:38 PM Posted by Ella Preuss

Hi everyone! How's your week going? Mine's great, considering I finish school this week, and I'm already making plans to move to uni next year! :D

So, I go to this art school, and one of my subjects is Painting. I don't like Painting very much. I prefer having a camera in my hands. Long story short, I had to paint something for my final exhibition. And I'd just finished reading Delirium, the excitement it gave me still buzzing through me. I was inspired. And this is what came out of it: (Click on the images to enlarge.)

 (I dressed in red, matching with my work!)

Final display.

Those who've read the book will be able to imagine where my inspiration came from. I loved the scene Alex and Lena share in the little shed, escaping from the raid. Lena is hurt and she's bleeding, and Alex comes to her rescue. Call me romantic, but I just loved that he took care of her. 
The greens and reds are the woods and the blood. The little shed is the frame around the bloody, torn fabric -Alex's shirt-, and around the frame, the phrase, "I have a secret. It will kill me. And I don't care."

You can see all the photos here

On another note, Lauren just posted a new Writing Challenge! Her trip to Japan inspired her, and this Challenge's topic is FOOD. Read the whole post on her blog

That's it from me today!
Happy Thanksgiving, whenever it is, I have no idea. 


  1. DJ's Life in Fiction said...

    That's beautiful! That was a favorite scene of mine too. :-)

  2. Lori said...

    I love it, Ella!! Its so great and that's one of my favorites scenes too!

  3. Katie (Call Me Crazy) said...

    This is beautiful. I completely adore this Ella! I read Delirium and I just loved this scene. You're artwork is extraordinary.

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