News from the Community - Affiliate News #1

9:04 AM Posted by Ella Preuss

Hi everyone! I am overwhelmed by the response this blog's getting, it's just been live for two days and it already has 27 followers and two Affiliates! Thank you!

Also, I nearly fell off my chair when I saw this:

(The quality is terrible, I know!) 

Lauren loves the page! We have her approval! That is more than what I was hoping for when I started this! Thanks Lauren! I hope we see you soon around here ;) 


I'd like to talk about my new Affiliates now, I'm sure you're familiar with their sites.

The first one is Fire and Ice, a great book review blog. They post amazing reviews all the time, it's really a blog I visit quite often. You should check out all the giveaways they're holding! They always have a new one!


The second one is Mundie Moms. We all love them! Their site is amazing as well, always something interesting's happening there. Just last night they had a Live Chat with Andrea Cremer, author of Nightshade!

Go visit them both if you haven't already (I'm sure you have, but still.)

I'd love to have you as an Affiliate! Email me at!


The next thing I wanted to talk about is the upcoming Before I Fall Read-Along over on Fallen Archangel.
BIF is their November Featured Fiction and they're having a Read-Along from Nov 27th to Dec 11th.
Here's a little video Lauren shared with them:*

I, of course, will be joining the girls at Fallen Archangel during this Read-Along, and can't wait for the Chat with Lauren! I'm sure it'll be awesome. Will you be joining them? You have plenty of time to get ready for it!

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Lastly, I wanted to ask you something. Living in Argentina makes it kinda hard for me to attend Book Events and Author Appearances (I'd go to every single one if I had the power to fly from one country to another!). 

But maybe you've been to some, and maybe, you've met Lauren. If you have -I'm super jealous, but I don't envy you, because envy is a bad thing!-, and you were fortunate enough to have your picture taken with her, send it to me! I'll post it here on a new feature I'm planning on making.

Just email me your photo at, with a little story about it (where you were when you met her, what day it was, was it rainy, sunny, anything!) and I'll post it here for everyone to see. Even Lauren!