10:10 AM Posted by Ella Preuss

Hi everyone! I'm Ella, a teen book blogger and avid reader.

I had the idea to start a fan page for the awesome Miss Lauren Oliver a while back, after finishing reading Before I Fall, one of my favourite books ever. But I thought it was too soon, and that I'd have to give it a little more time, and read more of this author.

Well, I waited. And it was worth it. I finished Delirium just yesterday, and I'm still moping because of it. (Thank God I was home alone, otherwise I would have scared my mum with my crying!)

Both books have shocked me in a way no other book has (with a few exceptions) and what better way to honour them than to create a fan page just for them and their author!

I hope this page continues to grow, and that more people become a part of it, because that's one of the reasons I started this blog, to meet others who are as passionate about Lauren's work as me!

Please read the About DL page to learn more about what will be happening around here, and leave comments, ideas! Everyone is more than welcome to participate!

I'd love to have Affiliates! If you want to become my affiliate, email me! You can find my email in the About page as well.

I'll be reviewing Delirium and sharing my Before I Fall review with you later this week!