Read a Goodreads Interview with Lauren

10:46 AM Posted by Ella Preuss

I just found this interview that Goodreads had with Lauren last month, where she answered fans' questions.

Here are some of my favourite answers:

[About Sam's cruelty in the early chapters of BIF]:
"I'm sure that some people were tempted to put the book down or not continue reading. I actually give credit to the blogosphere, because I would see on blogs, "I really don't like this main character, but I've seen so many other blogs telling me just to keep going, so I will." I think that had my book been published before the blogosphere existed, it would not have had the same success and reception."
I have to admit, I do that a lot, the checking to see what others think of a book I'm reading to see if I should keep going. I was no exception to this when reading BIF. It took me a while to get into it, but after a few chapters I was hooked!

[About heavy subjects dealed with in BIF]:
"Part of what is dangerous about the high school age is that you have so little perspective. It seems like high school is your whole life, and there is no escape from it. But it is, in fact, not your whole life, and it will get better. You just have to persist through that era. Reach out to people for help, try to expand your circle. That's all I can really say. It's not always going to be like this."
Living in a different country, I didn't have to go through the whole Northamerican HS drama experience. I  quite liked my Secondary School years, but couldn't wait to leave them behind. Nothing exciting ever happened where I live, that's why I'm so glad to be moving to a bigger city next year, to start uni. (I'm going to Film School, btw.) But yes, the feeling that those years are the most important ones of your life was there. And I'm happy to say that they're not. They're just a fraction of your life, and they don't determine who you'll be in the future.

[On her writing habits]:
"I do most of my own writing when I'm shuttling between meetings on the subway. I write a lot on my Blackberry. I actually wrote all of Before I Fall on my Blackberry, e-mailing it to myself so I could read it between jobs, which people think is insane."
Too bad I don't have a Blackberry! My mobile is old school, but I'm really happy with it, and won't change it until I absolutely have to.
Lauren, that is totally insane. But if it worked for you, then awesome! BIF turned out to be an amazing book.

Read the whole interview here.