DELIRIUM is out NOW in Spain!

1:57 PM Posted by Ella Preuss

Delirium is out in Spanish, so if you're from Spain (Hola!), GO BUY THE BOOK NOW!

The Spanish version of Delirium was released last Friday, 4th, by Spanish Editorial SM.

I love the cover; the colour, not so much, but the graphics, yes! Love the idea of barbed wire and roses, so poetic! And I also love that they kept the original title.
Delirium in Spanish is Delirio, so it's not that far off.

I'm crossing my fingers for it to reach Latin America soon!



  1. Justine said...

    This is the cover? It looks so cool! I love it and the colours ;)

  2. Carina L. Tai said...

    Wow! I absolutely love the cover :)

  3. Niva said...

    I'm spanish and I must say that the final colour is not that brown, it's kind of golden

  4. Ella Press said...

    @Niva: Well, that's the cover that appears online. You wouldn't have a copy of the book, would you? So you can share a pic with us!

  5. Beleth said...

    Here you can see the diference between the US version and the spanish one :D and as you can all see, the spanish one has a color more like champagne

  6. Jaz Parks said...

    Ella, también lo quiero en Latinoamérica. Haber si los de SM se dignan a traerlo acá o que alguna editorial (que publique en arg) compre los derechos :/ Sino, los voy joder ¬¬



  7. Ella Press said...

    Jaz, SM tiene filial en Latinoamérica, pero no sé si lo van a traer. La página de SM Argentina es malísima, re desactualizada, y los de Contacto no te responden jamás!

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