Lauren's Europe Tour Schedule

7:45 PM Posted by Ella Preuss

For those of you living in Europe, here's Lauren's schedule for her tour:

Friday, March 18th, Paris, France:
  • 3H30-4H30: I'll be speaking at a round table with several other authors at the Salon du Livre de Paris on the theme of young adult literature.
Saturday, March 19th, Toulouse, France:
  • 3h00-6h00: I'll be at the Bookstore Gibert/Joseph, signing books!
Weds 23rd March, Ramsgate, Kent, England:  

Saturday, March 26th, Le Havr, France:
  • 3h00 -6h00 : booksigning/talk at the Librairie La Galerne 
Wednesday, April 6th, Paris, France:
  • 6h-8h00 : booksigning/talk at the  Virgin on the Champs Elysées
Will you be able to attend any of these events?


  1. Lale said...

    I'm so sad to hear that she's going to be in the UK on the 23rd; I leave on the 21st for the states :(

  2. Anonymous said...

    I was so excited when I saw that Lauren was coming to the UK but then I realised that it was on a Wednesday and there is no way I can finish work early and drive 100 miles to get there on time. I'm relly sad. Please please PLEASE come back to the UK on a weekend and I promise that I will be there!!

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