Introducing Cary!

4:25 PM Posted by Cary Cheyenne.

Hi everyone! I told you we had some great news to share with you! Guess what? Our group has grown! We're now five Delirious Girls, and proud of it.

Our new girls have written some very cool facts about themselves to share with you. Let's give them a warm welcome!
xo, Ella

About Cary:

Hi world, I'm Cary Cheyenne. I am a book blogger, as I'm sure most of you have already figured out. I haven't been blogging that long at all, just a few months seriously. So, I am somewhat new to this world but I find myself adapting quickly. I've always been a reader, I honestly can't remember a time where I haven't had a book in my hand. I love reading, writing and anything that has to do with literature. Creativity is key. I have an insane amount of passion for books, quotes, art and music. I'm a very visual person as well, so expect several photos from me within a review. You can see what I mean by viewing my own blog which is called "Cary's Corner, in The Writing Wonderland." I relate songs to books and I add a "theme song" in most of my book reviews. I like connecting books with music and vice versa. I'm almost nineteen and I'm a student, so sometimes I will get a little preoccupied but don't worry, I'll never forget about Deliriously Falling. Lauren Oliver has been one of my favorite authors since she debuted. I find her writing to be incredible and her personality to be like no other. She is the epitome of what I hope to be as a writer. I hope to talk to you all soon! Follow my personal blog and/or my Twitter.
Joined Deliriously Falling May, 2011.
: Nineteen.
Location: Florida.