Happy book birthday Liesl and Po!

7:26 PM Posted by Ella Preuss

(...which was yesterday, and I completely forgot! Sorry, pretty book!)

Lauren's first MG book was released yesterday, yay!

HarperCollins has created a very beautiful website, which you can visit here to learn more about the book and its characters. Go here to add it to your Goodreads list.

And watch this gorgeous trailer below!


  1. A Backwards Story said...

    OMG, that trailer is AMAZING! Was it created exclusively for LIESL & PO? It sure sounded like it was! I love the song...the video coming to life....this video is proof of why this should be an animated movie! *wants now*

    I meant to do a Book Birthday post too and forgot...bad us!!

    I don't know if my hardcover edition of L&P is arriving in the mail today, tomorrow, or Saturday (at the latest, I hope!), but as soon as it does, I'm posting my review alongside a vlog exploring the fantastic double cover the way I did (will do...in an hour it goes live) today with my MARA DYER review. ^_^

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