The ReadIt1st Movement

9:00 AM Posted by Ella Preuss

Right, Doctor? Nerdfighters are cool, he says.
Nerdfighters are among the coolest people on Earth, and they've created something that deserves to be spoken of. 
I only just learned about it, and I already think it's amazing.

Have you ever watched a film based on a book and swore you'd never waste your time reading said book? Well, you might have missed out on reading a really good book, all because of its crappy on-screen adaptation. 

The ReadIt1st Movement (I don't know if it's actually a movement, I just like to call it that) is all for reading the book before watching the film! It's something I've always believed in. I haven't watched the Jane Eyre remake because I still have the book waiting for me in a box (I know, tragic, but I still haven't gotten shelves for my new flat).

I love it when you can see on the big (or small) screen something you've previously imagined in your mind. It's magic, isn't it? Of course, a book's adaptation to a film isn't always accurate (The Vampire Diaries is a series I love, but on TV, the show's taking turns that L. J. Smith didn't even write! And it isn't necessarily a bad thing.) and we must remember that when watching a film or a TV show based on a literary work. 

So, if you also think like me, and you're willing to take the pledge, you can go to and sign up!


  1. Demijel said...

    OMG, I'm part of this "movement" :D I found out about it around a month or so ago and I thought it was fabulous. I've always found a lot of books to be better than the movie by LEAPS AND BOUNDS, so I thought that ReadIt1st was perfect for me~

    Demi @ Breaking Bookshelves

  2. Ella Press said...

    @Demi: Isn't it great? Love it.

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