Root - A new interactive story from Guardian Teen Books

10:06 PM Posted by Ella Preuss

Remember I told you about Michael Grant's new interactive project a few months ago? Well, someone from The Guardian has just emailed me something really exciting, and not unlike Grant's project:
Guardian Teen Books has partnered with Random House for a new interactive, serialised story called Root - a fast-paced thriller set in the shadowy world of computer hacking and espionage. 
ESPIONAGE! I love the Cherub series by Robert Muchamore, I read a few of them -that were not reviewed here-, and ever since I've loved the idea of teen spies.
Every weekday for six weeks a new chapter will be released on The content will be directly influenced by readers’ contributions, such as their ideas for characters' personalities and skills.
The story's already begun, it's on its twelfth chapter now. But I'm definitely gonna start reading it as soon as I can!
The heroine Molly Root is a 15 year old computer genius whose friend Danny is killed after being caught stealing priceless data from a ruthless global corporation. Now she's in over her head. So far Molly Root's mission to get to the bottom of her best friend's murder has taken her on a perilous trail across London. Her key lead is a dodgy police detective - and her attempts to expose his shady contacts are testing her ingenuity to the limits.
Yep, I'm loving the summary!
As well as incorporating suggestions from readers, the story will also be brought to life via several social media platforms. For example, Guardian Teen Books' Twitter and Facebook accounts will be providing behind the scenes updates of how Molly is progressing, along with clips on Audiobooks featuring the voicemails that Molly has discovered. This will be accompanied by onsite quizzes and photo puzzles on Flickr.
How exciting is that? I know it's convinced me! You can go and take a look if you want, click on any of the links above to visit the site.


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