Guest Post from Trisha Wolfe

4:07 PM Posted by Lori

Delirium completely took me by surprise! I was expecting a good book, maybe even an enjoyable afternoon entertained by a fast read, but wow, was I wrong. This book moved me. It crept in and ignited my soul. As a society, we are continually looking for ways to downplay love, true love, or commercialize it. People are bombarded with images of sex and lusty couples, being told that it is love. Delirium touched on what love is truly meant to be. I found myself enraptured in the love story, desiring to experience those first moments of falling in love for the first time all over again. The first touch, the first kiss, embrace, but also feeling emotions deep within your being that allows and makes you want to be a better, stronger person. That is what true love is all about.
The idea that our government would someday use our emotions, or take them away, in order to control us was phenomenal! Ms. Oliver I believe completely captured the way we would operate without these emotions. And one could use this as a metaphor for where we are headed in the future. I don’t believe we have to wait for our government to remove this function from our brains, we our allowing media, and other outlets to desensitize us every day. Eventually I fear that we will become close to what Ms. Oliver envisioned; cold and unfeeling toward the people in our lives that are supposed to mean the most to us. They may not go as far as reaching in our brain with tools and lasers to remove it, but as we become ever dependent on technology and media to connect to others and define us, we may be the ones to destroy that within ourselves.
Love is something that should be given freely, and something that should be valued when reciprocated. In Delirium one of the most profound moments is when it touches on sacrifice. It is difficult to give yourself over one hundred percent to another person without wanting something in return. The book compounds on this subject and teaches without preaching just how important it is to give your love freely, and sometimes in doing so we must sacrifice in the process, but without sacrificing that part of ourselves that makes us strong and complete as an individual in love… yet not defined by it. Beautiful. 

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