Guest Post: Lauren Oliver's Masterpiece

8:23 AM Posted by Lori

Delirium is so much more than a book. It’s a work of art. The writing conveys so many emotions that I couldn’t help but completely fall into Lena’s world. Lauren Oliver’s Delirium is like the beautiful Mona Lisa by Leonardo Di Vinci. An amazing masterpiece that will forever intrigue millions.

Of course Lena is Mona Lisa. Sitting strong and courageously for all to see. Keeping her secrets close to her heart and out of harms way. Alex is in the eyes that hold Mona Lisa’s secret, her burning fire. The knowing that everything will be okay in the end. Then the Cure takes its form as the darkness that extends its spidery fingers into the portrait taking away the joyful glow. Hanna’s the smirk playing on Mona Lisa’s lips. The beautiful youth of knowing that the future belongs to you. Amor Deliria Nervosa is the pure white canvas, the backbone to the masterpiece. Without it, this would be nothing more than a heap of muddy colors mixing together on the floorboards.

The paint stands out so magnificently, just like Lena’s voice. Oliver’s descriptions are each of the microscopic brush strokes that weave together to create true beauty. Lastly Lauren Oliver is none other than the mastermind Leonardo da Vinci. Without the artist this beautiful idea would be nonexistent. No one’s lives would have ever had the pleasure of knowing such pure perfection if it wasn’t for the creator.

Decades from now people will still be talking about this book, this masterpiece. Lauren Oliver’s writing will be studied in schools with thousands of students trying to gain the amazingly rare talent to express themselves through words, just like Lauren was able to do so flawlessly. She’s touched so many hearts already that the future can be nothing but filled with Deliria.

Thanks to Katie at Call Me Crazy for this beautiful post!


  1. Lauren M said...

    I love the metaphor, Katie! Gorgeous post! :)

  2. Jessica (Firefly Book Loft) said...

    Loved this! Awesome post Katie!

  3. crazysteph12 said...

    woooo katie!!!!

  4. Aylee said...

    Wow, just really great review Katie! Excellent!

  5. Katie (Call Me Crazy) said...

    Aw thanks guys! :)

  6. Akasha Hale & Lexus Salvatore said...

    Awesome review Katie. I loved it. I seriously can't wait to read this book now.

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