Interview with Erin Fitzsimmons, DELIRIUM's Cover Artist

12:33 AM Posted by Ella Preuss

Today we welcome Erin, DELIRIUM's amazing cover artist. The girls and I came up with a few questions for her, and here they are!
Find out how was the process of making such a wonderful cover!

1. How was the process of choosing "Lena" for both the first and second/final cover?

The model on the ARC cover and the final jacket is actually the same person! After we had a concept for the photo shoot, choosing the perfect Lena was the next important step. It was truly a collaborative effort. We held a casting for models who fit Lena's description. We then narrowed it down to two models and presented their test shots to the author. She had the best vision of Lena, naturally, and was able to help us choose the final model.

2. The font used on the title is amazing and unique. Who's responsible for making it?

We decided to try some typographic approaches to set this book apart from the other covers in the YA dystopian world.  When I originally sketched the idea for the title treatment, I tried every font in the book to make it both legible but also bold enough to reveal Lena's face. As we progressed with the concept, my art director, Hilary, found the perfect font for both the author name and title. I was then able to adapt my design to integrate the swirls and the flourishes into the new font. Quite a bit of thought and tinkering went into the placement of each little swirl and loop. 

3. How long is the process of designing a cover, usually, from beginning to end?

Often we begin the design process over a year before the book is scheduled to be released. We meet with the sales, marketing, and editorial teams before we begin sketching cover concepts. The search for the perfect concept can take weeks or months, and then once we have a concept we have to actually produce it! Photoshoots, retouching, and finalizing the type treatments and design all take place in the weeks following. Once the front cover is finalized, the jacket needs to be designed. Start to finish, the cover design process usually takes at least five or six months. For Delirium, we were still tweaking the jacket up until the printer date, nine months from the very beginning.

4. How was the brainstorming for the final cover of Delirium? How long did it take?

We had spent months trying to find the perfect solution for the initial concept, which I think we found with the original ARC cover. After we decided to switch directions from that first cover, we had to make up for lost time. It was a frenzied and invigorating process—to wipe the board clean and completely change our approach to the design, and to do so in a shortened time span. We got to work with insanely talented freelance illustrators and designers who brought a fresh vision to the project. All the while we knew we had an incredibly beautiful photo shoot that we wanted to try and work into the final design. Finding that final cover took about two months—one month of which I worked on almost nothing but this project. It was an amazing experience, though we probably all felt a bit delirious after the process was complete!

5. Did Lauren have a lot of input, brainstorming-wise?

We brainstormed the original concept in-house, but after we changed directions Lauren was very involved and contributed great ideas and imagery as jumping off points! She was an invaluable collaborator for her strong vision on how we could best represent the emotional power of the book while also setting this series apart from other books out there.


WOW, I had no idea it took that long to make a book cover! So interesting!
Thanks Erin for answering our questions!



  1. Lori said...

    That was very interesting! I had no idea it takes that long either! And I didn't know it was the same model!

  2. Lenore said...

    I don't think every cover takes that long!

  3. Penelope Lolohea said...

    Wow, this is very interesting! I had no idea of all the work that went into a book cover. Great review!

  4. A Backwards Story said...

    I loved reading this. I love reading about book cover design and would love to do it myself one day. :)

  5. Anonymous said...

    I would love to download the font used at the beginning of each chapter, anyone know where I can obtain it, please?

  6. ~*Clarisa*~ said...

    Who is the model used?

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