Lauren en France!

1:00 PM Posted by Ella Preuss

Thanks to the Spanish Facebook Page for Delirium, I was able to find this blog post from a French blogger who posted a video and a lot of pics from an appearance Lauren made in Lyon last Saturday.

If you can read French, then go to Ingrid's blog here.

Basically, Lauren is a little scared to speak French at first, she says, "because I'm American", but everyone tells her she's doing great, and they ask her to read from the book.

(Listening to so many people speaking in French makes me want to go back to studying it!)

Then she talks a little about Before I Fall; what it's about, etc., and reads the Prologue from the book. Her French is really good!

If I understood, someone asks her when is Pandemonium coming out, and Lauren says that she doesn't know exactly when, but that it's coming out on February 2012. (Someone correct me if I'm wrong!)

Then Ingrid, the blogger who filmed this, asks her about the trilogy, and Lauren explains how the titles were chosen, by her fans, "because I'm horrible at it", she says; and she also asks Lauren if she's liking Lyon, and Lauren of course says yes.

Then she goes on to signing the books!

Lauren and Ingrid, the French blogger!
Merci Ingrid pour donner cettes photos!
Ingrid is also giving away a SIGNED French copy of Delirium!

And remember, if Lauren makes an appearance at your local library and you took pics or filmed it, let us know! We'll feature you just like we did with Ingrid.

Happy beginning of the week!


  1. RaĆ­la said...


  2. Ingrid reads said...

    Wow! Thanks for this post! I wasn't expecting that!!!

    Yes, you understood well what is said on the video. Just two things about your French: "Lauren en France", and it is "ces photos" and not "cettes photos"! :)
    Yes, she said she doesn't know when the second book will be out in France either, nor if the French publisher will publish it (but of course they will ^^).

    xx, Ingrid.

  3. Ella Press said...

    Ingrid, I knew I was bound to make some mistakes, but I'm happy I caught most of what was said in the video! I haven't studied French in over two years, I should really get back to it!

  4. Ingrid reads said...

    Well, you remember lots of things as you caught what was said! After two years without any French, you're doing good :)

  5. Lori said...

    These pictures are great!! :)

  6. Brooke said...

    When is the second book coming out? I know it's kind of soon to ask, but I just can't wait!

  7. Brooke said...

    Oops! Sorry, didn't notice the post earlier about second book. Still really excited about it though.

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