New covers for Delirium!

12:00 AM Posted by Ella Preuss

Look! Ohhh, so pretty! And lovely!

With this new cover, they're releasing Delirium on Paperback in the UK.

Ella: I quite like it. LOVE her big blue eyes (I can't remember what colour are Lena's eyes right now, though), and the colour treatment on the photo is beautiful. Looks do say a lot. What do you girls think?

Bonnie: The first thing I notice are the model's huge eyes. They're a really pretty color, too, and pick up the background. I also like that she has freckles. That's one thing I liked about the cover treatment for Jenny Han's THE SUMMER I TURNED PRETTY. The model looks like an ordinary girl. I like that the subtext is linked to the title.

Cary: This cover is softer to me than the original. It catches me off guard in a way because the original cover is so intense. I do like this cover though, the model is beautiful and everything comes together quite nicely. I think I would have preferred the same font on this one as the original hardcover, but this one truly is lovely. I just feel that with it being such an intense book, the cover should match that.

Marisa: I'm actually not a big fan of this cover compared to the US & UK hardcovers. The girls eyes are gorgeous, don't get me wrong. But I adore the color of the US cover, and the effect of the girl being behind the title. This cover is nice, but it just doesn't strike me as much as previous ones.

Reggie: I agree with Marisa. This isn't my favorite cover for DELIRIUM. The girl on the cover is good, her eyes really capture the reader, and her freckles make her look like an ordinary girl but I don't really like the cover scheme and it isn't as aesthetically sound as the US HC cover and the UK HC.

Ella: And this new Special Edition cover! I think I'm in love with it. I love it even more than the UK one, this girl's eye tells you so much. ADORE it.

Again, I've no idea what colour are Lena's eyes, so I've asked Lauren. We'll see what she says.

Marisa: Ooh, I actually really like this one! Much more than the UK one. I like that it stays with the cool tones, and placement of the title with that green shadow is nice. I like this model better than the other one too. There's something about that intense expression that really draws the reader in.

Bonnie: This is my favorite of the two as well. I love all the earthy green and the make-up on the model. Her eyes are really pretty, and her lips are a great color. I love the green blur around the tittle and author. It looks really, really nice. As much as I love my shiny blue cover, *wants*

Reggie: I like this cover more than the first one. The model is really great and her eyes are just stunning. The colors of her lips and her eyes really contrast the earthy-feel of the background. However, the original US cover remains to be my favorite because in that one, the model is just amazing and the whole concept of the cover is really unique.


  1. Elleira said...

    Ooh I love the second Special Edition one!!! The model looks much more delirious :P

  2. Misty said...

    I like the second cover as well. The girl looks like she is more in control/apart of the story then the first cover. I think because she is looking directly at the reader it feels like she is interacting with us.

  3. Julia :) said...

    I love the second one too! Its just GORGEOUS. I think the reason I don't like the first one is because the model just looks really young like 10 years old. She's just not age appropriate for the book. So yeah, that's why I don't like it.

  4. Teen Fiction Centre said...

    Hey everyone, check out Teen Fiction Centre's interview with Lauren Oliver here!

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