Resister Report: ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS by Stephanie Perkins

10:51 AM Posted by Bonnie @ A Backwards Story

To all employees:

We have received word that resister Stephanie Perkins is spreading propaganda against the cure. She is calling it ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS and trying to tell teenagers that falling in love is a good thing, treating the warning signs of the deliria as a necessary building block to true love. The tale stirs up too many emotions and will have law-abiding citizens second-guessing the cure. This blatant attack on our regime will not be tolerated.

The pamphlet containing the short story has a modest enough cover. The two teenagers in love remain at a respectable distance, though their hands are too close together and the girl has a lovestruck expression on her face. Unfortunately, the word “Kiss” stands out and lets citizens know what the contents really contain. If you see copies of this lying around, confiscate them immediately. Bring all citizens with the work in their possession to Headquarters immediately.

ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS has enough angst that it would make a good candidate for the sanitization process, stripping out certain parts to turn it into a proper cautionary tale. For one thing, Anna pines for a boy at her boarding school named √Čtienne, who already has a girlfriend. Both characters go through a lot of heartbreak in order to be together, an emotion no teenager should have to experience. By heightening the turmoil and cutting back on the view of love as a good thing, this book will be acceptable for public viewing.

Resister Stephanie Perkins mentions that she will be writing at least two more propaganda-filled tales, LOLA AND THE BOY NEXT DOOR and ISLA AND THE HAPPILY EVER AFTER. Capture the subject at all costs before she is able to spread her filthy lies about romance and hopes and dreams to the law-abiding masses.

This is a Code Red alert. Destroy memo after reading and memorizing the contents.


....If you're still reading this, you have entered the right password to override the government's system. Congratulations, fellow resisters!

For a more representative review of this fantastic book that our illustrious government doesn't want you to read, check out this top secret review through the proxy channel.

Spend no more than five minutes reading or the connection can be traced.


  1. Cary Cheyenne. said...

    This is amazing, Bonnie! I absolutely love how creative you were with this! It's phenomenal. I haven't yet read "Stephanie and The French Kiss" but I imagine it's phenomenal being that it's already against government standards ;)

  2. Ella Press said...

    Bonnie, I think you are quite right, this book is dangerous, and its author must be seized immediately. It is THE MOST insulting book I've read this year. Young people must be protected against this threat.

    (Loved this book. Can you tell? :P)

  3. Bonnie @ A Backwards Story said...

    Cary, thank you so much! I'm blushing ^//^ You definitely have to read ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS--Just make sure no gov't officials see you with a copy!

    Ella, this book is dangerous indeed. The love the author portrays is the scariest of all. This is why we all need this operation!

  4. Sverige said...

    I do admit the book had a certain draw for me in the setting of Paris. I enjoyed exploring the city with her and learning the culture a bit more. The dialogue was good and I found myself laughing at the conversations and flirtations that the characters engaged in. One thing that really stuck out was that √Čtienne was not a "normal" tall, dark, and handsome boy that I usually read in this genre. He and other characters had flaws that made them more human and anything but perfect. I appreciated the honesty and realness of Perkin's characters.

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