Recreate PANDEMONIUM's Cover - Pre-Order Giveaway! INTERNATIONAL

1:53 PM Posted by Ella Preuss

Cover you have to recreate.
Hi everyone! How are you? Still anxiously awaiting for PANDEMONIUM's release, like us? I thought so. That's why I came up with this super fun giveaway!

Here's how this is going to work:
  1. You'll have from right now until Jan 1st, 2012 to enter. That's five months to plan, make and send us the cover.
  2. On that day (Jan 1st), we'll stop receiving entries and later that week we'll post all of the photos we got up until that point, so you can tell everyone to stop by and vote for your cover. 
  3.  The five covers with the most points by Feb 15th will be jugded by us (Reg, Bonnie, Marisa, Cary and I) and, ultimately, by Lauren. (Meaning, your cover will be up for voting until Feb 15th).
  4. We'll choose a winner, and announce it here on March 1st.
  5. The winner will get a Hardcover copy of PANDEMONIUM on Mar 6th (if The Book Depository delivers properly), its release date!
What you have to do: (the important stuff)
Take a picture of yourself (or, if you're a boy, it can be a friend, a sister, anyone!) recreating PANDEMONIUM's cover. You can use dried leaves and flowers around your face to get the look of the cover, but it doesn't necessarily have to be exactly like the original. Respect the orange tones! And do what you want about the title, have fun with it!
Remember you have time to enter, don't rush into making something you won't like later. Take several pics to choose from.

The Fine Print:
  1. (EDITED) This giveaway will be open Internationally, as long as The Book Depository ships to your country. (Thanks prettybooks!)
  2. You'll be emailing the cover you made to by Jan 1st, 2012 with all your contact info (mailing address, name/alias you'd like us to share if you win, blog address if you have one). No contact info, no entry.
  3. I reserve the right to modify any dates published on this post. I also reserve the right to call off the giveaway if we have less than 15 entrants. There needs to be plenty of us, so we can have fun!
  4. We'll have just one winner, which will win the grand prize (a Pre-Order for a Hardcover copy of PANDEMONIUM). But I'd stay tuned if I were you. Who knows, maybe we'll add a second and third prize. 
Get creative! Have fun! Can't wait to see your covers!


    1. prettybooks said...

      If you DID want to make it international (but can't for shipping cost reasons), The Book Depository ships to most countries free of charge :)

    2. Ella Press said...

      I did want to, but I was having problems with TBD. I've changed it now, so spread the word!

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