Niva from Equinoccio reviewed Pandemonium and called the series a "literary jewel".

2:11 PM Posted by Ella Preuss

SM, Lauren's Spanish publisher, held a contest a while ago, and the prize was a Pandemonium ARC. A few Spanish readers got the chance to read the book before it hits stores in February.
I fell in love with Delirium. I was hooked for hours. I found a wonderful story, brilliantly written. How was I to imagine that Lauren Oliver could overcome something like retry its own history, surprise me, keep me in suspense for nearly four hundred pages giving myself a finale, how I would imagine that Pandemonium would far exceed any expectations that I had created, it would be surprising, unexpected, exciting, emotional. That would be what I've found, proving beyond doubt that Oliver is one of the best YA writers we can find and her dystopian saga is a real jewel.
Niva said "Lauren has prodigious pen, and that she turns everything she writes into music for our ears." Which, to me, is exactly right. She also said she was angry at Lauren for having ended the book the way she did, which makes me wonder what sort of cliffhanger awaits us at the end of the book!

Have you snatched up an ARC somewhere or are you waiting for the book to come out on Feb 28th, like me?
xo, Ella


  1. Niva said...

    Thanks a lot for sharing part of my review here. It was great to be able to read the book before its publication, and I am sure you all will love it! Lauren is such a good author.

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