Pre-order PANDEMONIUM to read HANA for free on V-Day!

8:00 AM Posted by Bonnie @ A Backwards Story

Great news, DELIRIUM fans!  We're getting not one but TWO new additions to the DELIRIUM series this month!

You all know about PANDEMONIUM already, of course.

But do you know about Lauren's upcoming novella HANA?

It's based around--you guessed it--Lena's friend Hana's POV.  I was always interested in what was going on with Hana and sad when we saw the last of her (or DID we?  Lauren has hinted that she'll be returning in REQUIEM, the trilogy's jaw-dropping conclusion!).

I'm eagerly awaiting the release of this novella!

And....there's a chance that we can read it for FREE--and early--next week!

How, you ask?  By pre-ordering PANDEMONIUM this week!  Yesterday, Lauren blogged that if 5,000 people pre-order the novel, will release HANA in its entirety for FOUR DAYS starting on VALENTINE'S DAY.

That doesn't leave us much time at all!  If you're a member of Deliriously Falling, then you're already a Lauren Oliver fan.  So get out there and post this on your blogs, on Twitter, on Goodreads, on Facebook...wherever you can!!!

Let's help Lauren reach her goal--and the New York Times Best Sellers List!!!