Lauren talks about the reactions to Pandemonium's summary

10:03 PM Posted by Ella Preuss

As it was expected, PANDEMONIUM's recently released summary made us all tremble in anticipation and delight.

Many of us are hoping, begging to the gods of literature, that Alex is okay and that he and Lena can be reunited. But the new summary may be telling us that there's a new love in Lena's horizon. 

A lot of fans have approached Lauren, to ask her about this new developments. Here's what she had to say:

The release of the goodreads summary of PANDEMONIUM has, appropriately enough, inspired its own bit of pandemonium! I've been deluged with facebook messages and tweets about the direction of the series--some expressing excitement, some disapproval, and some anger. So I wanted to take this opportunity to respond.

I'm actually super grateful for all the discussion, dialogue, and debate; it proves how richly my fans have become invested in the world of Delirium, in Alex, and Lena, and Alex and Lena together; it proves, too, how strongly books begin to belong to the readers themselves, to their mental and emotional landscapes. Readers make predictions; they stake their hopes on certain outcomes.

I totally get it. I, too, feel that way about books I love. And I want to say: thank you for reading, and thank you for caring so much.

I also want to say--please be patient with me, with Lena, and with the unfolding of the story. Pandemonium took me to some very unexpected places. It is a different book from Delirium, just as Requiem will be a different book than the ones that preceded it. I need to follow the thread of the character; I need to be authentic to her growth. Lena lived through a deeply traumatic experience--her vision of the world needs enrichment and expansion. She is a young woman on the cusp of great change.

Please have a little faith! :) I promise, promise, promise, that ultimately I do not think my fans will be disappointed by the direction of the series, although I also promise that in my novels, as in life, there may be many twists, turns, and bumps in the road before we hit any truly happy endings.

But of course, it must be that way. As old Billy Shakespeare so eloquently said: The course of true love never did run smooth.

I can honestly say that I trust Lauren, and I know I'll end up loving PANDEMONIUM, no matter where she takes Lena.
Don't you love to suffer along with books' characters? I do.



  1. Nikki (Wicked Awesome Books) said...

    I wholeheartedly trust you Lauren! And I have faith that the Pandemonium will only strengthen my love for Lena.

  2. Anonymous said...

    I trust Lauren, I really do. She is the author, after all, and she knows what she is doing. However, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a bit nervous! She's definitely not the type of author who likes to smooth sail with her characters (which is awesome, I wouldn't want it any other way) but after reading Before I Fall, I realized that she also isn't afraid of a less than totally happy ending (which is sometimes necessary for a story). I'm nervous! But I know whatever outcome she creates will be the perfect outcome for the story.

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