Lauren's thoughts on Delirium's new covers

9:38 AM Posted by Ella Preuss

When we posted Delirium's new covers, I just couldn't remember what colour Lena's eyes were. The new UK paperback cover's Lena's got blue eyes, while the Special Edition cover's Lena's eyes are brown. So, I thought I'd ask Lauren to clear any doubts.

Special Edition Cover
Ella: I've noticed the big blue eyes on the new UK cover for Delirium. But, on the US Special Edition cover, the model's got brown eyes. Since I can't remember what colour are Lena's eyes, I thought I'd ask you.

What do you think of these new covers? Do you like them more than the original one? I'm in love with the Special Edition's cover. The girl's eye is so haunting! 

Lauren: Yeah, it's funny... covers don't necessarily EXACTLY represent the main character accurately... I think they just need to reflect the book's sensibility. Lena does have brown eyes and brown hair, though. I LOVE the special edition cover, personally--I like it even better than the original! 

I like it better than the original too! 
How about you?